Cut repair costs & improve customer service levels

Caromba enables insurance companies to take control of the repair process using the Caromba platform as a procurement tool, cutting cost for spare parts and administration with increased customer service and loyalty in one stroke.

The Caromba platform delivers real-time repair quotation data, integrated spare part catalogues, booking and payment features. With our platform your insurance company can create and brand your own online repair portal, with your own spare part catalogue and garage network, controlling the entire repair process.

Instead of manually handling your customers insurance claims in a time consuming and time limited window, we connect your costumers with the garage network in the areas of their choosing so they can compare, select and book an inspection or a repair directly online, 24/7. By doing this your company can cut administration cost and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

A mutually beneficial revenue share business model eliminates the need for capital investment making Caromba a high margin, risk free solution opportunity for your insurance company. The platform supports multiple languages and currencies and has no geographical limitations, making it a global solution

Key Features:

  • Branded car repair insurance portal
  • Automated pricing for car repairs
  • Tender and approval workflow
  • Procured spare part catalogue
  • Instant online booking
  • Garage ratings

Consumer flow in 4 simple steps

Consumers (users) benefit from an easy-to-use interface to find, book and pay car repair and maintenance services online.

Enter car plate no or manual car selection.

Confirm car model and milage. Select jobs.

Filter, sort and select preferred Workshop. Fixed prices incl. parts.

Book a date, then confirm & pay your order.

Workshop flow

Facilitating for workshops to procure new business and manage the process at a low acquisition cost.

Book an appointment with the customer, or create a new appointment yourself.

When you make a pre-inspection, a quotation is created by the system.

Carry out the work specified in the quotation.

Caromba pays you according to quotation. The customer can check work status on mobile/web during the whole process.

Insurance company flow

The insurance company always has full overview of current claims. Caromba can be customized to fit the specific processes of the Insurance company.

Enter terms and conditions related to the actual claim.

Approve, deny or ask the workshop for additional information regarding the quotation.

The invoice will be made out with regard to your requests.