New revenue stream at minimum investment

Caromba is a state of the art platform enabling any fleet company to add car repair and maintenance to their portfolio of products and services creating an additional revenue and increased profitability that requires minimum investment.

The Caromba platform delivers real-time repair quotation data, integrated spare part catalogues, booking and payment features. We connect your customers with the Caromba garage network in the areas of their choosing so they can compare, select, book and buy their car repairs directly online. The platform supports multiple languages and currencies, making it a global solution.

Caromba enables you to either build your own brand and online portal for car repairs or to add these features to your existing portal. A mutually beneficial revenue share business model eliminates the need for capital investment making Caromba a high margin, risk free solution opportunity for your business. ROI for all parties is driven by conversion optimization, revenue management and R&D resulting in an attractive value proposition for all involved.

Key Features:

  • Automated real time pricing for Maintenance and repair services
  • Individual garage profile page
  • Spare part catelogue integration
  • Instant online booking
  • Online payment
  • Garage ratings
  • Downloadable repair & maintenance schedules & wiring diagrams

Consumer flow in 4 simple steps

Consumers (users) benefit from an easy-to-use interface to find, book and pay car repair and maintenance services online.

Enter car plate no or manual car selection.

Confirm car model and milage. Select jobs.

Filter, sort and select preferred Workshop. Fixed prices incl. parts.

Book a date, then confirm & pay your order.